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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Angel Oracle Cards?

It is more important to ask why . . ..

Angels, God, past loved ones, spirit guides and many more can help offer you messages via Oracle Cards. It's not the cards themselves or the manner in which they are presented. It is the mere fact that you have acknowledged you are not alone that has opened your mind and heart to accept the possibility of receiving helpful messages from up stairs.

Helps you find the answers you are looking for through positive and helpful messages.
Get to know which Oracle Cards are right for you before you purchase your own deck.
Helps you become more aware of your own spirituality.
With an open mind and heart, they can guide you in every aspect of your life.

The other side is very different. So wonderfully different that it is a waste of time trying to describe it as it cannot be put into a human perspective, and because of this, we expect earthly messages they provide us to be easily recognizable? It's like us trying to communicate with an ant nest in your back yard. Do you think they might understand you if you talk to them every day? First answer is “of course not!” The ant would have to first, acknowledge something bigger than themselves, quiet their mind and concentrate enough hear what you are saying, then try and understand the language and meaning. It's not that we can't here the other side. They are here now communing with us every day. We just have to listen.

Sometimes, when you are facing a difficult situation, it is hard to remain in a peaceful state of mind, practically impossible for most people. Which makes it all the more difficult to receive guided advice from up stairs. So, Oracle Cards are easy to comprehend, they don't rely on hidden messages or signs. They are very simple to understand and because of this can be, with an open mind, very accurate.

Whether you are a believer or not, there are more forces at work in our daily lives that meet the eye. Every religion from recorded history speak of Angels or, 'messages from God'. In their various forms. You may call them whatever you like, God, Angels, spirits, past loved ones, Ala, Buddha. It doesn't matter what labels we care to place on the other side. Just that there 'is' another side and they work tirelessly and effortlessly helping us at every turn.

If you find this a little difficult to accept. Don't worry, you are not alone! These Oracle Cards will help you discover a journey that just might surprise you.

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