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Frequently Asked Questions

Is any of this Spiritual stuff real?
Stop and think a moment. The fact you are here reading this suggests you already know the answer or you are searching for higher guidance, either way the answer is yes. The author of this website was once a skeptic and put simply, was bombarded with coincidences and signs at the beginning of the journey. There will be a compilation of articles and reference guides placed on this website soon designed to help anyone wishing to learn more about spirituality from a skeptic view point. These articles will detail real world university experiments by legitimate academics and scientists studying various subjects that lend themselves to spirituality, in addition to spiritual material and information that will go a long way in helping you grow into awareness without the fluffy duffy stuff.

Secondly, you can always ask your Angels and Guides for confirmation and you will get an answer, they always answer, sometimes they never stop answering till you take notice. So go ahead and ask up stairs now.

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