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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Angel Readings help me?
Angel Cards will help you, when you are taking a reading you are thinking about your life situation and being open to your higher self, this opens your spirituality and allows your Guide's and Angel's guidance to become more clear.

Angel Card Readings are a human made divinely inspired medium that the spirit world can use to help guide those who really need it or just wish advice or confirmation from their Angels and Guides. If you have no experience with communicating with your higher self, Angels and Guides then Angel cards can offer a very simple effective method to begin with. Experienced spiritual people use them just as well asking for confirmation or general advice. Perhaps you were thinking in one direction, then you take a reading and all of a sudden, a new direction just pops into your awareness after looking at the cards. This often happens and more times than not we tend to ignore that thought as usually, we don't like doing anything outside of our comfort zone. Angels and Guides are famous for guiding us in different directions in order for us to grow.

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