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Angels & Oracles: a new Angel Card Deck . . .
Articles for the soul a guide to help you grow. . .
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Angels & Oracles
A new Angel Card Oracle Deck

This deck is currently being created by the author/artist that created the Stardust & Rainbows Angel Oracle Deck.

One Angel, Guide or Advanced Soul per Card:
That will depict a single message through the use of visually creating an emotional theme.


Very important in our world in terms of spiritual understanding. Colors are responsible for many meanings across the spiritual plane and each entity depicted in these cards will correspond their message in harmony with the appropriate color and the relevance behind the color depicted with the Angel, Spirit Guide or Advanced Soul.

Author’s Description for Angel & Oracles:
Inspiration: I awoke one morning and saw a set of Oracle Cards that depicted only one entity per card which were an Angel, Spirit Guide or an Advanced Soul with a special message. What I saw specifically movement & animations, each single figure inside the card was moving gracefully expressing the emotion desired for each card. Also moving were the background stars, sparkling, birds flying by, sunlight glistening, trees swaying, butterflies and so on. I also heard music which is also an emotive medium. Being a musician and composer I may include that at some point. But for musical credit I must hand that to a friend Denise who suggested a similar idea, one I will enjoy co-creating at another time. For now I am creating the cards which takes a lot of time and patience, there will be no animtions this time around but definitely in the future. If you would like to read more on my methods I have written a more in-depth explanation on the about Askupstairs page. When these ideas come into the mind’s eye they are generally a good feeling with an overwhelming desire to start straight away. I have learnt not to ignore these feelings as they are typically our guidance. So, with a thousand things to do other than sitting down to create more artwork, I began doing just that for Angels & Oracles.

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Articles for the soul
A guide to help you grow

AskUpStairs will be beginning a series of articles and information designed specifically to help you across many different subjects. In order to provide you with everything you need to know on any given spiritual subject. From Past Lives, Life Between Lives, Astra traveling, Spirit Guides, Life on the other side, Getting to know your Angels & Guides, Soulmates, Soul Groups, the studies of Coincidences, Healing, the light body, chakras, Guardian Angels, History of Angels, Current university studies on prayer, consciousness and energy, the list goes on…..AskUpStairs will be listing a series of informational portals you can use to further you spiritual understanding. It is our intention these articles will help further develop your spiritual awareness.

New FREE eBook:

Over the years the Author has collected volumes of information on developing spiritual awareness, especially for the skeptics as the Author once was. This will be a guide book covering all common and not so common areas within this subject and offer starting points to begin your own journey. In short, it is a library menu launch pad designed to save you the hundreds of hours sourcing the location of this information and simply use as a shopping list of knowledge with a short descriptive page for each subject together with suggested readings material, websites and how to further your study on that particular subject, or simply move onto the next until something sparks you interest. If you are a skeptic, look out for this book, it is written for you, and reading this is no accident.

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Soon there will be polls placed on the website so you may vote on what you would like us to work on next such as more Oracle Cards, more articles etc.

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