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From the Author/Artist:

When I asked ‘is this a good idea?’ when creating my first Angel Card Deck I received an intuitive answer that was swift and very clear, the message was. “If it is heartfelt, we can use it” Meaning Angels, your Spirit Guides and anyone else up stairs will take advantage of anything to guide you when needed the most. I often wondered why Angels would use a piece of cardboardwith some pretty ink

on it to communicate and if I was justified in creating the artwork and authoring the messages. How clear that message was and how simple and to the point, “If it is heartfelt, we can use it”


AskUpStairs was born out of frustration from a desire to learn more about Angel Cards and what they offer. Why would advanced beings use such rudimentary mediums to send messages, why not just come down and say hello? Obviously we are worlds apart from our perspective but actually very close from theirs. It’s not they can’t communicate easily, it is us that can’t hear them effectively. So Angel cards provide an excellent medium for anyone wanting to get in touch with their Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels. Now of course there are many enlightened and spiritual people offering heartfelt Angel Readings that only desire to serve our highest good and the beauty is this website will only encourage and make people more aware of these gifted individuals. However, it will also guide and help those that wish to become familiar with Angel readings or just receive one or ten or however many readings they require without the burden of paying for each individual reading.

AskUpStairs whole heartedly encourages anyone to seek out healers, channels, psychics and metaphysicians. Follow your intuition and trust you are being guided. When you are open to spirit and your higher self, magic truly does happen and your life will flower beyond your imagining.

"It is vitally important to remember, we are here to live our lives, not spend it meditating four hours on end. Enjoy Life, and Live it! That is what you are here for."

About the Author / Artist
Creativity seems to involuntary explode out of my imagination into reality without my consent.

I cannot explain my attraction to creativity in all of its forms whether it be artwork, animations, script writing, music composition & performance. All I know is that when in this state of mind, time is irrelevant and I am immersed in the moment. The amount of coincidences (signs and messages) that leap out while in the state are numerous and truly astounding.Where I should be working on a work project, I find myself creating something completely different. I have learnt the hard way to never categorize myself in any pigeon hole. My skill sets and experiences are in a constant state of learning and change. Whatever I can use to complete a vision in the mind’s eye for any given project, I will use. There are no rules to your imagination.

My spiritual journey began in denial. I was a hardened skeptic unhappy with the world as most skeptics are. I refused to believe anything that was not real outside my own physical vision. The loss of a close family member over ten years ago sparked the journey and the thought “what if…?” entered my awareness. Being a skeptic (and stubborn as a mule) with this attitude I decided to begin many years ago by researching real world studies carried out by legitimate and respected universities rather than seeking out mystical healers and so forth. To my astonishment I discovered an incredible volume of harden facts regarding “new age” studies. They were actually producing real tangible predictable results. University studies on prayer, energy in water, what we are made of at the atomic level (energy), sound waves, our relation to frequencies, crystals, the world consciousness experiment, kids as young as 4 detailing past lives and speaking in another language totally alien to their own, spiritual encounters, documented studies and the list goes on. This eventually opened the door to researching and learning from healers, channels, psychics, metaphysicians and leading to be aware of my own spiritual higher self. My education developed into collecting a journal which will be documented into a guide for the skeptic or anyone interested to developing their spirituality but don’t know where to begin, this will hopefully act as a launch pad for your journey.

Today I am much more aware of what is considered “new age” methods and practices, the list is too long to quote here. I posed the question to my higher self and Guides: Do you think this website was meant to be? I can only answer by saying I have the artistic skills to create the artwork for each Angel Card and I do need more than one creative outlet, and the programming skills to build the website, and finally the passion, years of research and interest from immersing myself in this area of study for a long time.

Before creating any artwork for Angel Cards I mediate for half an hour and play music such as binaural hemi sync or relaxing music. Sometimes I play the piano, guitar, sax, flute, whatever feels good at the time. Playing a musical instrument often places me in a state of joy that I am not even aware of and generally find hours have passed rather than minutes. I then sit down and ask my guides and any teachers on the other side that would like to come in and offer assistance with my creativity. I find this often helps. You can do the same with anything that you wish to do as well. (I also tried asking if someone could come and mow the lawn and do the laundry, but sadly they only respond to your highest good and not your lazy bone). I should note I don’t see the other side as all stiff without a sense of humor. I definitely have one and so do some if not all of your guides. The most common sign I received through my years of study was to lighten up, relax, and stop taking everything so seriously. I find this common of most people who receive spiritual guidance.

On a personal note I meditate, have reached vibrational states and have actually been lucky enough to experience the power of now, total bliss, only for short seconds at a time but it is real. I have begun to alter my state of consciousness and leave the body (Astra travel) only to discover what I experienced was later confirmed by reading collective results from thousands of Life Between Life documented studies, the experience I had was the same. Amazing, it just makes you want to learn more.

My hope is this work will serve to help you in some capacity toward your highest good and I sincerely wish the very best you and your journey.

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