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Welcome to Ask Up Stairs, your personal stairway to direct communication with your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.
  “Know that the Angels themselves have guided you here to help you access the inspiration and wisdom you seek..”
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Angel Readings

are messages from your Angels, Spirit Guides and passed loved ones. They are designed and inspired to help guide you toward your path. Angel Reading cards are popular and people enjoy readings and often pay hundreds of dollars per Angel Reading. For the average person looking for guidance or wanting to know what Angels and guardian angels are all about this can be a lot of money. Askupstairs was divinely inspired to allow anyone with a curiosity toward getting to know their Angels, the opportunity to try Angel card readings and become familiar with their Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit guides, Ascended masters without the huge burden of cost. For less than seventeen cents per day members can enjoy unlimited access to unlimited Angel readings with more readings, Angel Oracle Cards and content added regularly. Ask Upstairs is not here to replace the guidance of a ‘genuine’ Angel medium but will serve to guide you toward becoming more confident in identifying your personal feelings and signs toward understanding Angel guidance. One of the most important signs I frequently receive is a reminder to always ask for help. Angels and Spirit Guides are always by our side guiding and nurturing our souls here on Earth.

So what are Angel Cards and how do they work? Angel cards are unlike tarot cards as there are no negative or disappointing messages. All Angels and spirit guides offer us heartfelt guidance and never in a derogatory manor, always gently guiding what is best for us toward our highest good. You may think it silly to Ask Up Stairs and expect an answer through a tiny piece of digital cardboard with a beautiful image on the Angel-Readings? Well the universe works in magic ways, the same can be said for going to church Sunday and symbolically eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a religious figure that lived over two thousand years ago. When placed in that light, it sounds strange does it not? So the only answer is your perception of what is strange and what isn’t. Because, everything just is, with no judgment or perception, it is our lower self that adds these conditions and not our friends upstairs. So there is no right or wrong when it comes to desiring a closer relationship with your Angels, Spirit guides, God or Mother God, there are no hard and fast rules. Trust your instincts, let down your defenses & listen to your heart, your Angels are waiting.

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